Wasara April 07 2016

Disposable tableware is notoriously bad for the environment, and not typically all that exciting from an aesthetic point-of-view. But Japanese brand, Wasara, is changing that. Their single-use tableware is made from 100% tree-free materials and is biodegradable and compostable. (Wasara makes their products with quick-growing bamboo and bagasse, which is derived from the process of extracting juice from sugarcane that would often otherwise go unused. Another earth-friendly advantage of bagasse is that although its fiber functions as a paper base, it requires less energy in production than wood pulp.) What makes Wasara’s eco-conscious ethos all the more impressive is that their single-use tableware is both entirely functional and elegant—Wasara uses a unique technique to create their signature asymmetrical and wavy-edged tableware, which in some ways is more akin to pottery pieces than conventional paper goods. I.e. it’s the kind of tableware you’d be happy to use for a special party, and not have to feel guilty about after.