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Set of 3 Storage Jars - 1/5 L
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Weck Jars


Set of 3 Storage Jars - 1/5 L

Weck Jars




Weck’s storage jars are some of their oldest shapes, as they were originally designed for making jams and pickles. A short mold jar comes in handy for the kinds of leftovers that make for an easy microwave-able lunch, like risotto or pasta. For an egg-topped risotto, try poaching the egg in a covered teacup in the office microwave (just cover the raw egg with water and heat it in the microwave for about 50 seconds). 

  • Set of 3
  • Comes with 3 wooden lids

About the brand

When at-home canning was a normal household occurrence (as opposed to a foodie weekend project), can providers popped up in all the industrialized countries — Ball in the US, Parfait in France, and Weck in Germany. Like all canning jars, Wecks are extremely resistant to heat and cold, and come in every size imaginable, but they’re different than other brands because of their rubber-seal tops, which create an air-tight seal but are much easier to open than their French and American siblings. Specially designed clamps keep everything in place, so they can be thrown haphazardly in a lunchbox without fear of spilling. Ours come with organic-looking acacia wood lids.

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