Between The Sheets

15 items in Between The Sheets
Betony VernonMARABOU PLEASURE PUFF RING$673.00A delicate feather tickler that turns into a cocktail ring outside of the bedroom.
Betony VernonMINI CUFF + SADO-CHIC CHAIN MINI + O’R MINI$1,505.00This three-in-one jewelry set doubles as a plaything in the bedroom.
Betony VernonBenWa Balls Ø2$885.00Strengthen your kegels and have a better orgasm all at once.
Betony VernonO RING BAND (LARGE)$800.00Symbolic of the most intimate bond—and convertible, in the best possible way.
Betony VernonDOUBLE SPHERE MASSAGE RING$795.00A sensual massage tool that doubles as a statement ring.
Kiki de MontparnasseLace Veil$250.00Pro tip: Wear it over the eyes (or lips) and let the other senses pick up the slack.
Only HeartsTeardrop Blindfold and Cuffs$90.00Made of gorgeous black teardrop lace, this eye mask and handcuffs make for amazing bedroom play.
Kiki de MontparnasseBraided Whip$295.00This beautifully braided whip was made for the naughty list.
Kiki de MontparnassePlay Paddle$195.00Paddle-play, elevated—thanks to this luxurious leather sexcessory.
LELOTiani 3$169.00Couples massage.
Paper Chase Press x AfterAll x goopDirty Talk Card Set$34.00For the player.
Doc JohnsonWonderLand™ The White Wabbit 10-Function Silicone Massager$42.00The bunny ears may make this vibe look cute and innocent, but it’s seriously stimulating in all the right places.
Doc JohnsonWonderLand™ The Heavenly Heart 10-Function Silicone Mini Massager$44.00Comes with ten fun functions to explore (solo or with a partner).
CraveBullet$99.00Lipstick-sized, 24-karat gold-plated, and complete with four fun speeds—what's not to love?
CraveVesper Vibrator Necklace$149.00A discreet vibrator masquerading as a 24-karat gold-plated, stainless-steel necklace.
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