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38 items in Sunglasses
SUPERAkin Classic Havana Sunglasses$269.00A polished upgrade to your boyfriend’s wayfarers.
BalenciagaBA0130 Sunglasses$375.00A dramatic update to a classic wayfarer.
SUPERClassic '3627' Sunglasses$180.00The kind of timeless frames that flatter most, if not all face shapes.
SUPERCooper '36627' Sunglasses$275.00These hipster shades are as cool as they are practical.
IllestevaPositano Sunglasses$220.00A contemporary twist on an old classic.
IllestevaPalm Beach Sunglasses$240.00A rethink on a traditional cat-eye frame.
IllestevaBoca Sunglasses$220.00Hardcore statement-making shades to add to your everyday repertoire.
IllestevaHamilton Sunglasses$290.00A wildly cool, futuristic upgrade to your usual specs.
BalenciagaBA0133 Sunglasses$375.00Because tortoise is just timeless.
BalenciagaBA0096 Sunglasses$495.00Like a cat-eye, but cooler.
BalenciagaBA0106 Sunglasses$430.00An ultramodern upgrade to a traditional wayfarer.
BalenciagaBA0085 Sunglasses$430.00A sleek spin on the classic aviator shape.
ElectricLunar Sunglasses$80.00Retro, in the best possible way.
ElectricLunar Sunglasses$100.00The sky-blue mirrored lenses are totally unexpected.
ElectricDanger Cat Sunglasses$120.00An ombré cat-eye frame we want right meow.
ElectricCrasher Sunglasses$150.00A nod to the iconic wayfarer shade.
IllestevaMurdoch Sunglasses$220.00These retro sunnies are just as cool as they are practical.
Oliver PeoplesRemick Sunglasses$420.00A remake of an iconic Oliver Peoples style, we love the metalwork-filigree bridge and beautifully etched temples.
Semi-Matte Black/ Antique Pewter + Grey
Oliver PeoplesEzelle Sunglasses$495.00Modern-classic shades in a dusky shade of blue.
Oliver PeoplesSayer Sunglasses$425.00These pink-mirrored aviators are pure glamour.
Oliver PeoplesCorby Sunglasses$340.00Elevated-hipster sunglasses in translucent acetate with etched metal temples and mirrored lenses.
Garrett Leight Grant Sunglasses$340.00These round retro-chic sunglasses look particularly flattering on angular faces.
Garrett Leight Hampton Clip Sunglasses$390.00These clip-on sunglasses are like two pairs of specs in one, in a universally flattering shape.
Garrett Leight McKinley Sunglasses$315.00These neutral sunglasses are endlessly versatile in an updated Wayfarer-style shape.
Garrett Leight Hampton Sunglasses$375.00Subtly statement-making sunglasses with a keyhole bridge and cool, retro-tinged profile.
Le SpecsLiar Liar Sunglasses$59.00Translucent white cat-eye sunglasses for the glamourpuss in us all.
IllestevaLeonard II Sunglasses$240.00A modern update to tortoiseshell sunglasses, with a cream-white colorblock effect.
Ray-BanHavana Aviator Sunglasses - 62 mm$150.00The coolest, sexiest, most iconic aviator on the planet.
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