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SonixMandarin Bloom Charger$45.00Never be stranded with a dead iPhone again: this floral-printed portable phone charger has you covered.
Jamie ClawsonBlack Shearling iPhone 7 Skin$45.00A genuine shearling iPhone 7 skin, precisely designed with a custom-made adhesive for easy on-and-off.$230.00Far sleeker than the generic earphones that came with his iPhone.
Native UnionNIGHT Nautical Lightning/Micro-USB Cable$40.00Quick recharge.
Master & DynamicMW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones$550.00For his listening pleasure.
Master & DynamicMH40 Over-Ear Headphones$400.00For his listening pleasure.
Master & DynamicME05 Earphones$200.00
Native UnionDock + Lightning$60.00A minimalist's charging station.
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