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Elizabeth Few Studio Flower-Dyed Leizu Silk Sleep Set US $275.00The gift of chic sleep.
Graf LantzLeather Noto Cover PersonalizedUS $136.00Modern, minimal, and extra meaningful.
Coral ClarkKeep It Clean PouchUS $60.00US $24.00Perfectly sized to stash all your clean beauty essentials.
Graf LantzLeather Noto CoverUS $124.00A slick little all-in-one.
Anya HindmarchSmall Makeup Zip PouchUS $245.00Endlessly useful for stashing your makeup essentials.
Anya HindmarchImportant Things PouchUS $245.00As the name implies—practical for all of your most important stuff.
Anya HindmarchGirlie Stuff Nylon PouchUS $155.00Great for gathering all of your girliest things in one place.
Anya HindmarchInflight Zip PouchUS $287.00Essential for traveling with, well...your essentials!
RSVP Paris Pebbled Calf CardholderUS $142.00Created in special limited runs, marked by the teeny gold number stamped in the corner.
RSVP Paris Smooth Calf CardholderUS $142.00Created in special limited runs, marked by the teeny gold number stamped in the corner.
Graf LantzNikko Eyeglass Case PersonalizedUS $74.00Never mix up your glasses again.
Sold Out
Graf LantzNikko Eyeglass CaseUS $68.00The sleek solution for all your favorite spectacles and shades.
Sold Out
Boarding PassHey Handsome Shaving Kit BagUS $68.00Finished with a “Hey Handsome” graphic printed on the inside (lest he forget).
Army Green
Birdling The Overnighter BagUS $175.00It even works overtime as a diaper bag.
Birdling The WeekenderUS $225.00True to its name, this pocket-happy bag is great for weekend trips.Sold Out
Boarding PassFlight BriefUS $195.00A more laid-back take on the traditional briefcase.
ParavelStowawayUS $325.00Bring it on trips for any extra-baggage (read: shopping/souvenirs) you collect.Sold Out
Graf LantzNubuck TasselUS $55.00Made in the USA, it easily hooks onto keys, bags, or whatever you wish.
GlacceSmoky Quartz BottleUS $80.00
GlacceAmethyst BottleUS $84.00
GlacceRose Quartz BottleUS $80.00
GlacceClear Quartz BottleUS $80.00
ParavelPacking Cube TrioUS $55.00Great for grouping outfits, separating socks from swimsuits, dividing the dirty from the clean.Sold Out
ParavelPasskeeperUS $75.00Stash all your important travel documents—passport, cards, ID—in one chic place.Sold Out
Jenni KayneAlpaca Eye MaskUS $85.00Perfect for the frequent flyer—it’s utterly luxurious thanks to the baby alpaca/satin combo.Sold Out
Not Another BillCurrency CaseUS $40.00No more fumbling around in the TSA line—it carries cash, a passport, even your boarding pass.Sold Out
Master & DynamicWired In-Ear HeadphonesUS $200.00Best buds.Sold Out
Master & DynamicWireless On-Ear HeadphonesUS $350.00No strings attached.Sold Out
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