Travel Accessories

9 items in Travel Accessories
Mission Bicycle CompanyBike in a Box$1,000.00The best thing in two wheels. (Fully customizable, too.)
ShinolaLinen Journal$20.00Say anything.
VianelPersonalized V3 Suede Cardholder$220.00For your calling cards.
SkagenJohannes Shave Kit$145.00Handsome.
The Beach PeopleRoundie Leather Carrier$39.00This sleek leather carrier has adjustable buckles, so it’s incredibly versatile.
Lauren ManoogianNeck Pillow$220.00
bkr x goopgoop Water Bottle$35.00 This is BPA-free, phthalate-free, spill-free; it fits most cup holders, goes in all dishwashers.
goopFlight Pack$198.00This cotton pouch comes filled with every (TSA-approved) wellness essential imaginable to get you through a long-haul trek, each one in its own dedicated compartment.
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