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goop BodyG.Tox Daily Detox DuoUS $50.00US $45.00Our professional-grade dry brush + creamy glacial-marine-clay body wash combine for a serious, sense-enlivening detox for every day.
goop BodyG.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body CleanserUS $30.00Made with a hand-harvested glacial marine clay that's infused with essential minerals.
goop BodyG.Tox Ultimate Dry BrushUS $20.00FOR EXFOLIATING/SMOOTH SKIN: Sweeps away dead skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin.
goop BodyG.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body ScrubUS $40.00FOR EXFOLIATING: Leaves behind a velvety-smooth feel and a subtle, beautiful scent.
goop BodyG.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath SoakUS $35.00ULTIMATE BATH SALTS: Cleanses the body after the stresses of daily life.
goop BodyG.Nite Bedtime Bath SoakUS $35.00The answer to restless, sleepless nights.
goop Body"The Martini" Emotional Detox Bath SoakUS $35.00SOOTHING BATH SOAK: Takes the edge off during turbulent times, or after a crazy day.
goop BodyNURSE! Under the Weather Bath SoakUS $35.00Fights off misery when you’re under the weather.
goop BodyPHYS.ED. Recovery Bath SoakUS $35.00Helps you rebound more easily after a tough workout.
goop BodyG. Soak SetUS $105.00US $85.00
LINNÉActivate Body WashUS $48.00Beautifully nourishing, this body wash is made with botanical oils and purifying ingredients.
Vita LiberatapHenomenal 2- 3 Week Tan MousseUS $54.00A miracle self-tan mousse that lasts longer than any tan we’ve tried—and it’s so natural.
Vita LiberataTanning MittUS $6.50This super-soft mitt makes applying self tanner flawlessly easier than any mitt we’ve tried.
PLANT ApothecaryGet It On BodywashUS $18.00A gentle body wash with organic, aphrodisiac essential oils.
PLANT ApothecaryWake Up BodywashUS $18.00A gentle, honey-like body wash with organic rosemary and lemongrass essential oils.
PLANT ApothecaryCalm Down BodywashUS $18.00A soothing, honey-like body wash with organic lavender and ginger essential oils.
Leaves of TreesPink Grapefruit Argan Hand and Body LotionUS $11.00This deeply hydrating, fresh and citrusy lotion is made with 100% certified-organic, cold-pressed argan oil and pink grapefruit oil.
Balmyard BeautyDetox Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a detoxifying “bush bath”, this bath-tea soak purifies skin, body, and spirit.
Balmyard BeautyBeauty Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a “bush bath” this bath-tea soak is made with skin-boosting Caribbean botanicals for ultimate glow.
Balmyard BeautyRomantic Call Body OilUS $82.00One of the prettiest scents ever, this is amazing as body oil but also as an incredible perfume.
The Organic PharmacySelf TanUS $69.00This gentle, hydrating cream creates a natural, beautifully glowy tan in just 3 hours.
Los PoblanosMan Bar SoapUS $12.00Contrary to its name, ladies love this hydrating, nourishing bar soap, too.
Grown AlchemistIntensive Body Cream: Rosa Damascena, Acai & Pomegranate - 500mlUS $89.00FOR DRY SKIN: An amazing smelling, super-hydrating body cream that moisturizes like crazy and now comes in a chic new pump bottle.
type: AThe VisionaryUS $10.00This nontoxic deodorant in an easy-to-use tube keeps you dry, smooth, and happy.
type: AThe Minimalist US $10.00UNSCENTED DEODORANT: This nontoxic deodorant in an easy-to-use tube keeps you dry, smooth, and happy.
NaturopathicaWild Lime Revitalizing Scalp & Hair OilUS $32.00FOR HAIR AND SCALP: For shinier, healthier-looking hair, this brilliant oil works for both scalp and hair at once.
Binu BinuShaman Black Charcoal SoapUS $18.00Made of activated charcoal, essential oils, and shea butter, this bar deeply purifies and nourishes skin.
Palermo BodyDetox Body Scrub - Tea Tree + GrapefruitUS $48.00This scrub is both skin-polishing and profoundly cleansing.
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