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FloracopeiaYlang Ylang Essential Oil$20.00This intoxicatingly feminine essential oil is beautifully rejuvenating for skin and hair.
FloracopeiaVetiver Essential Oil$27.00Organically grown in Haiti, this earthy essential oil is deeply grounding and relaxing.
FloracopeiaSandalwood (Vanuatu) Essential Oil$35.00As a perfume or Ayurvedic treatment, this divine essential oil promotes deep serenity.
FloracopeiaPalo Santo Essential Oil$26.00This ethically, sustainably harvested “holy wood” oil is energy-clearing and healing.
FloracopeiaNeroli Petitgrain Essential Oil$14.00A soothing, restorative co-distillation of organic neroli and petitgrain.
FloracopeiaMelissa Essential Oil$68.00Melissa officinalis is one of the most precious botanical elixirs for overall wellness, from vitality to good rest.
FloracopeiaLemongrass Essential Oil$12.00This organic lemongrass essential oil clarifies the mood and mind—and repels insects, too.
FloracopeiaLavender Bulgaria Essential Oil$25.00Profoundly soothing, mood-lifting, and cooling, this lavender oil is organically cultivated in Bulgaria.
FloracopeiaClary Sage Essential Oil$44.00Known as the "woman’s oil" for its potent soothing of hormonal agitation.
FloracopeiaBergamot Essential Oil$22.00This citrusy essential oil is instantly uplifting and mood-stabilizing.
WoodlotPalo Santo Incense Bundle$12.00The precious, aromatherapeutic wood in this bundle is harvested from naturally fallen branches off the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador.
Los PoblanosLavender Sachet$8.50Stash under your pillow for a better night’s sleep.
Young LivingWintergreen Essential Oil$24.00Refreshing, stimulating wintergreen invigorates the mood and spirit.
NaturopathicaRe-Boot Aromatic Alchemy$28.00An invigorating blend tulsi, a.k.a. holy basil.
UMAPure Energy$85.00Invigorating rosemary and peppermint make a great caffeine alternative.
UMAPure Calm$85.00This aromatherapeutic oil instantly relaxes, restores, and soothes body and mind.
UMAPure Bliss$85.00A balancing, uplifting, de-stressing essential oil blend.
Tata HarperLove Potion$42.00Ten of the world’s most intensely aphrodisiac oils in one heavenly potion.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - Wood$45.00A home spray with grounding, stimulating, and aphrodisiac properties.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - Captain$45.00Made with West Indies-inspired notes, this is relaxing and calming.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - Love$45.00Laced with aphrodisiac properties, this home spray is uplifting and stimulating.
NaturopathicaInspire Aromatic Alchemy$28.00Used for centuries in Nordic countries to rejuvenate the senses.
Young LivingEucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil$25.00Eucalyptus is bracing and invigorating, indispensable if you're tired or run down.
NaturopathicaChill Aromatic Alchemy$34.00This helps soothe anxious thoughts and promotes deep rest.
Tata HarperAromatic Stress Treatment$80.00This deeply calming combo will chill even the most frantic overachiever.
Tata HarperAromatic Irritability Treatment$65.00An on-the-go treatment that instantly dispels irritation.
SandovalAromatic Concentrate in Wood$60.00A crisply woodsy home spray that evokes feelings of a forest.
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