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goop BodyG.Nite Bedtime Bath SoakUS $35.00The answer to restless, sleepless nights.
goop BodyPHYS.ED. Recovery Bath SoakUS $35.00Helps you rebound more easily after a tough workout.
goop BodyNURSE! Under the Weather Bath SoakUS $35.00Fights off misery when you’re under the weather.
goop Body"The Martini" Emotional Detox Bath SoakUS $35.00SOOTHING BATH SOAK: Takes the edge off during turbulent times, or after a crazy day.
goop BodyG.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath SoakUS $35.00ULTIMATE BATH SALTS: Cleanses the body after the stresses of daily life.
goop BodyG. Soak SetUS $105.00US $85.00
NaturopathicaSweet Birch Magnesium Bath FlakesUS $38.00These flakes dissolve into a bath, making for a deeply relaxing end-of-day ritual.
PursomaHot Tub BathUS $36.00Designed for people with seasonal discomfort, this potent bath soak warms the body.
PursomaBain de PiedUS $12.00FOOT SOAK: We love this salt-and-essential-oils foot soak before bed for maximum relaxation.
PursomaMinerals De MerUS $14.00This nourishing sea mineral soak is both cleansing and relaxing.
PursomaResurrection BathUS $36.00This moisturizing, mind-clearing treatment is ideal for skin in need of detox.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Detox BathUS $10.00An effervescent bath bomb that truly relaxes.
Jane Inc.Effervescent Cube Less Stress BathUS $10.00A deeply calming, effervescent soak with aromatherapeutic benefits (thanks to honey and patchouli).
ilaBath Oil For Glowing RadianceUS $86.00An ultra-hydrating botanical formula for naturally glowing skin.
Herbivore BotanicalsCoconut Milk Bath SoakUS $32.00This skin-softening organic coconut milk soak is supremely luxurious.
Balmyard BeautyDetox Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a detoxifying “bush bath”, this bath-tea soak purifies skin, body, and spirit.
Balmyard BeautyBeauty Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a “bush bath” this bath-tea soak is made with skin-boosting Caribbean botanicals for ultimate glow.
Malibu 5Star NaturalsMalibu Bath RocksUS $48.00A deeply relaxing, muscle-soothing soak.
LILFOXOrange Blossom Ylang Bang Crystal Salt SoakUS $33.00Soothing, purifying sea salt meets uplifting essential oils.
Shiva RoseRose Moon Sea SaltsUS $60.00Dead Sea and Himalayan sea salts restore, energize, and detoxify.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Oatmeal & LavenderUS $10.00This effervescent cube infuses your bath with milk, calming lavender, and oatmeal.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Arnica & RosemaryUS $10.00This effervescent cube infuses a bath with soothing arnica powder and rosemary essential oil.
Jane Inc.Pharmacie Fizzie Bergamot & RosesUS $10.00This effervescent cube infuses a bath with detoxifying bergamot essential oil and rose petals.
The Organic PharmacyDetox Seaweed Bath SoakUS $73.00This purifying soak revitalizes the whole body.
goop BodyG.TOX Travel KitUS $40.00This set of four shower and bath essentials makes everyday detox easy and luxurious.New
The Organic PharmacyArnica Soothing Muscle SoakUS $73.00Sea salt, arnica, sunflower oil, ginger, and eucalyptus combine into a super-relaxing bath time soak.
Dr. Singha'sMustard BathUS $12.00Master acupuncturist Dr. Shyam Singha has used this mustard bath formula to help patients detox and restore balance.Sold Out
PursomaDigital DetoxUS $34.00A serious full-body detox—particularly from tech—thanks to French sea salt and clay.Sold Out
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