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goop BodyG.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub$40.00Leaves behind a velvety-smooth feel and a subtle, beautiful scent.
BeautycounterSugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass$40.00This super-moisturizing scrub smells beyond-fantastic and leaves skin impossibly soft—no need for body cream after.
Palermo BodyDetox Body Scrub - Tea Tree + Grapefruit$48.00Packed with mineral-rich, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this scrub is both skin-polishing and profoundly cleansing.
Aromatherapy AssociatesPolishing Body Brush$32.00Dry brush with natural cactus sisal bristles to stimulate lymphatic drainage and promote circulation.
The Organic PharmacySkin Brush$15.00A long handle makes this the perfect dry brush for every part of your body.
The Organic PharmacyCleopatra Body Scrub$82.00Loaded with luxurious oils and exfoliating salt and sugar crystals. Sold Out
Tata HarperSmoothing Body Scrub$79.00This has five gorgeous exfoliants (including Himalayan and Hawaiian sea salt).
Herbivore BotanicalsCoco Rose Body Polish$36.00For silky-smooth skin.
French Girl Menthe Sea Polish$40.00An energizing, moisturizing, resurfacing scrub to make any morning.
French Girl Sea Polish - Rose/Verveine$40.00This deeply feminine sugar-and-salt scrub leaves skin supremely soft.
True BotanicalsResurfacing Body Mask$48.00A lactic-acid-and-green-tea body-smoothing treatment that leaves you with baby-soft skin.
African BotanicsAfrican Muti-Mud Mineral Body Scrub$65.00Inspired by an ancient African spa ritual, this deeply exfoliates with fine lava crystals.
ilabody scrub for energizing and detoxifying$78.00Made with Himalayan salts, argan oil, and floral essences.
LILFOXOrange Blossom Ylang Bang Body Polish$65.00So skin-silkening, you won’t need moisturizer post shower.
Shiva RoseSea Siren Body Scrub$65.00The most moisturizing, skin-silkening, mineral-rich body-butter scrub. Ever.
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