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goop BodyG.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body Cleanser$30.00Made with a hand-harvested glacial marine clay that’s full of essential minerals.
goop BodyG.Tox Daily Detox Duo$50.00$45.00Our professional-grade dry brush + creamy glacial-marine-clay body wash combine for a serious, sense-enlivening detox for every day.
PLANT ApothecaryCalm Down Bodywash$18.00A soothing, honey-like body wash with organic lavender and ginger essential oils.
PLANT ApothecaryWake Up Bodywash$18.00A gentle, honey-like body wash with organic rosemary and lemongrass essential oils.
PLANT ApothecaryGet Happy Bodywash$18.00A gentle, mood-uplifting body wash with organic geranium and peppermint essential oils.Sold Out
PLANT ApothecaryGet It On Bodywash$18.00A gentle body wash with organic, aphrodisiac essential oils.
Tammy FenderTrès Rose Duo$125.00The organic Bulgarian rose oil in both the bath gel and body oil nourishes and harmonizes skin.
LINNÉActivate Body Wash$48.00Concentrated and nutrient-dense, this body wash is made with botanical oils and natural detoxifying ingredients.
Los PoblanosLavender Honey Bar$12.00Organic lavender essential oil and honey make this soap ultra-healing.
Los PoblanosPinon Bar$12.00This bar smells like air in the mountains of New Mexico.Sold Out
Los PoblanosLa Rosa Bar$12.00This nourishing, handmade bar soap from an organic farm in New Mexico smells subtly of roses.
Ursa MajorMorning Mojo Bar Soap$14.00Anyone who tries this refreshing, moisturizing, exfoliating, inflammation-fighting, energizing bar absolutely adores it.Sold Out
Binu BinuShaman Black Charcoal Soap$18.00Made of activated charcoal, essential oils, and shea butter, this bar deeply purifies and nourishes skin.
RahuaShower Gel$30.00Nourishing, energizing, and deeply aromatherapeutic.Sold Out
BeautycounterBody Wash in Citrus Mimosa$25.00This perfect, subtly scented body wash doubles as a hydrating hand cleanser.
PLANT ApothecaryGet Happy Bodywash, Travel Size$7.00Organic geranium and peppermint essential oils smell fantastic—and put us in the best mood ever.
Babo BotanicalsSmoothing Shampoo & Wash$15.00Life-changing for kids (and parents) with frizz, tangly, or unruly hair.
BeautycounterKids Bath Collection$45.00The ultimate head-to-toe, shampoo-to-body wash kid cleansing kit.
PLANT ApothecaryMini Body Wash, Set of 5$35.00All five of Brooklyn-based PLANT Apothecary’s adorable, aromatherapeutic body washes.
Gentleman's Brand Co.Daily Regime Gift Pack$78.00Get him hooked on these products so he won't use yours in the shower. Sold Out
Gentleman's Brand Co.BODY WASH$28.00An incredible-smelling body wash packed with hydrating coconut, macadamia, and avocado oils. Sold Out
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