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ShhhowercapShhhowercap$43.00Designed to look and fit like a chic turban.Sold Out
AquisLisse Luxe Hair Towel$30.00This super-absorbent, ultra-gentle towel dries your hair faster and helps prevent frizz.Sold Out
AquisLisse Luxe Hair Turban$30.00A miraculous, frizz-fighting, super-absorbent hair turban that dries hair in record time—with no damage.Sold Out
SlipSilk Scrunchies - Small$39.00These gleamy pure silk hair ties protect your hair and—miraculously—really stay in place.
SlipSilk Scrunchies - Large$39.00They go to great lengths to protect your hair from breaking, snagging, and ponytail dents.Sold Out
Shower ClearThe Original Chrome Showerhead$275.00Over time, most shower heads accumulate all sorts of unpleasantness, from bacteria to mold—this pops open and dries naturally.
KitschFloral Hair Tie Set$8.00The color-happy solution to ponytails, braids, and buns.
KitschAstrology Hair Tie Set$8.00A guaranteed hit with your little star-gazer.Sold Out
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