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Paper Crane ApothecaryChill Child - Kid Calming MistUS $27.00
Babo BotanicalsSmoothing Conditioner Berry PrimroseUS $14.00FOR KIDS: A detangling miracle for kids (or anyone) with frizz, tangles, curly, or coarse hair.
Babo BotanicalsSmoothing Shampoo & WashUS $15.00FOR KIDS: Life-changing for kids (and parents) with frizz, tangly, or unruly hair.
Babo BotanicalsSheer Zinc Sunscreen Spray SPF 30US $22.00The first 100% zinc spray sunscreen ever—perfect for babies and outdoorspeople alike.
All GoodKid's Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30US $16.00Organic coconut oil makes this easier to apply than most nontoxic formulas.
Babo BotanicalsNutri-Soothe Lip Treatment SPF 15US $10.00This SPF balm soothes while it hydrates.
Babo BotanicalsSuper Shield Sport Stick SPF 50US $16.00Sheer, easily blendable super-protection that should be in every beach bag.
Babo BotanicalsDaily Sheer Facial Sunscreen SPF 40US $21.00Lightweight, sheer, and perfect for those with extra-sensitive skin.
Babo BotanicalsClear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30US $20.00Gluten-free, vegan, hypo-allergenic, and easy to rub in: Perfect for kids.
BeautycounterKids Bath CollectionUS $45.00The ultimate head-to-toe, shampoo-to-body wash kid cleansing kit.
Babo BotanicalsMiracle Moisturizing Cream Oatmilk CalendulaUS $12.00An ultra-hydrating cream so soothing it can even be used on babies.Sold Out
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