Bronzer & Highlighter

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Tata HarperVery Illuminating$40.00This miracle brightening balm naturally highlights the face.
Tata HarperVery Bronzing$40.00This tinted balm is packed with skincare ingredients like peptides to plump and smooth.
Kjaer Weisradiance highlighter compact$56.00This highlighter adds a subtle and gorgeous glow.
Vapour BeautyMoonlight Illuminator$36.00Made with frankincense, tulsi, and lotus, this gives an instant candlelit glow.
RMS BeautyMaster Mixer$38.00Blend it over cheekbones, browbones, the bridge of the nose, bow of the lips, or even the eyelid.
RMS BeautyLiving Luminizer$38.00This highlighter illuminates skin from within.
ILIAIlluminator$34.00Maintain a summer glow or dewy shine year-round care of these rose hip oil-spiked formulas.
Polka Dots & Moonbeams
Kjaer WeisDazzling Bronzer Compact$56.00The perfect bronzer and the ultimate contour cream, all in one.
BeautycounterColor Contour Matte Bronzer$39.00This hydrating, antioxidant powder creates an ultra-flattering sunkissed glow.
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RMS BeautyBuriti Bronzer$28.00A gorgeous sun-kissed glow, made from Buriti oil, packed with Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.
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