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BeautycounterAngled Blush Brush$35.00This angled brush really excels at contouring.Sold Out
BeautycounterRetractable Foundation Brush$35.00No makeup bag is complete without this travel-friendly retractable brush.
RMS BeautyEye Polish Brush $22.00This rounded, elongated brush makes all the difference when you’re applying cream eyeshadow.
ILIAConcealer Brush$30.00This super-soft synthetic brush is perfect for applying concealer anywhere you need it.
May LindstromThe Facial Treatment Brush$30.00Use with Lindstrom's facial treatment bowl for an incredible ritual.Sold Out
Juice BeautyPhyto-Pigments Sculpting Foundation Brush$49.00A great foundation brush makes you look like you’re wearing less makeup.Sold Out
Kjaer WeisLip Brush$22.00This compact, foldable lip brush traces even the little corners with ease.Sold Out
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