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New World LibrarySchool of Awake: A Girl’s Guide to the UniverseUS $19.00A fun, positive, new school of thought for teens, tweens, millennials (mom’s, too).
Simon & Schuster Publishing Co.The Seat of the SoulUS $17.00Seeking guidance on your spiritual path? This book is for you.
Penguin Random HouseThe Light Between UsUS $16.00A compelling story that anyone interested in spirituality will appreciate (even the skeptics).
Simon & Schuster Publishing Co.Proof of HeavenUS $24.00US $14.00Is there life after death?
Simon & Schuster Publishing Co.Crystal BlissUS $19.00A guide to the curious world of crystal healing.
Hay HouseDying to Be MeUS $15.00A beautifully written memoir shedding light on life’s miracles and the power of self-healing.
Penguin Random HouseSurviving DeathUS $27.00US $16.00Highly recommended for anyone curious about consciousness in the afterlife.
MacMillanLiving in a Mindful UniverseUS $22.00Great for anyone interested in living a more meaningful life through mindfulness and meditation.
goop PressThe Clarity CleanseUS $27.00Clear your mind, heal your body.
Harper CollinsThe Happy MediumUS $16.00US $10.00Part autobiography, part grounded-guide on navigating the energies of the other world.
Harper CollinsErasing DeathUS $15.00US $9.00For anyone interested in one of life’s most enduring questions.
Harper CollinsEvidence of the AfterlifeUS $15.00US $9.00Near-death experiences from a scientific standpoint.
Harper CollinsLife After LifeUS $17.00The first book of its kind to explore the phenomenon of “NDEs” (and even give it a name).
Harper CollinsConsciousness Beyond LifeUS $17.00US $10.00Pim van Lommel, M.D.’s theory of consciousness based on near-death experiences.
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