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Whether you’re totally bare or feeling the 70s revival, Fur’s line of pubic hair and pubic skin care products truly pamper you down there. Made of essential and botanical oils, the products moisturize, soothe pores and ingrowns, and help soften regrowth—making them brilliant whether you shave, wax, or go all natural.
5 items in Fur
FurFur OilUS $46.00Yep, that fur.
FurSilk ScrubUS $48.00This miraculous exfoliating moisturizer helps prevent ingrown hairs.
FurStubble CreamUS $38.00The ultimate post-wax, laser, or shave treatment to instantly soothe skin and help prevent ingrowns.
FurIngrown Eliminator MittsUS $18.00These easy-to-use, exfoliating finger mitts help soothe irritation and redness, as well as prevent ingrown hairs, no matter what method you use for hair removal.
FurShave CreamUS $28.00Use this whipped, ultramoisturizing cream for a close, nick-minimizing shave.
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