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Shrankhla Holecek’s family has been making exquisite Ayurvedic beauty and wellness oils on their farm in India for several centuries, and her new farm-to bottle line, Uma, is based in those ancient formulas, passed down in secret from generation to generation. All of the powerful, organic essential oils for UMA are still grown and distilled exclusively on the family estate. The purity is unparalleled, the packaging is some of the most beautiful we’ve seen, and, best of all, the company is dedicated to its local workforce—over half of which is female—providing health and childcare, ongoing education and retirement benefits, and equal pay for equal work.
11 items in UMA
UMAPure Calm Wellness CandleUS $68.00One of the prettiest candles we’ve ever seen—or smelled.
UMABeauty Boosting Face OilUS $125.00Incredible for virtually all skin types, this featherweight face oil is made withs skin-supporting oils.
UMABrightening Rose TonerUS $65.00This pretty, eight-ingredient toner helps clear, smooth, brighten and hydrate skin with extracts of soothing roses, enzymatic fruits, and nourishing botanicals.
UMAWellness Oil KitUS $40.00The box is so beautiful, you barely need wrapping.
UMAAbsolute Anti-Aging Body OilUS $90.00This miracle oil is deeply moisturizing and skin-smoothing.
UMAPure EnergyUS $85.00FOR ENERGIZING: A wake-up call for your pulse points.
UMANourishing Hair OilUS $70.00FOR DRY HAIR/ENDS: This is safe for color-treated hair—and smells heavenly.
UMABody Balancing Navel Therapy OilUS $45.00This exquisite Ayurvedic oil blend is designed to be massaged into and around the belly button, which represents the origin of life in Ayurvedic tradition.Sold Out
UMAPure Calm Wellness Bath OilUS $80.00Calm yourself.Sold Out
UMAPure CalmUS $85.00What mellow smells like.Sold Out
UMAPure BlissUS $85.00FOR SOOTHING: Silky jojoba oil in a soothing scent.Sold Out
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