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We fell in love with Sara and Sean Panton’s brand for its simply stunning, works-with-any-décor, beautiful stone diffusers and high-quality essential oils. Our favorites—grapefruit, eucalyptus, and lavender—are pure, potent, and incredibly versatile. They softly scent the air as they’re diffused in water; we also mix them into baths, body oils, lotion, homemade linen water, clothing washes, and more. The diffusers are particularly amazing for (gracefully) upping the humidity during dry spells at your desk or bedside table.
7 items in Vitruvi
VitruviStone Diffuser$119.00Steam punk.
VitruviEucalyptus Essential Oil$13.00Indispensable during cold season.
VitruviPink Grapefruit Essential Oil$13.00Uplifting, rejuvenating pink grapefruit oil can be used to treat skin, body and mind.
VitruviLavender Essential Oil$18.00100% organic lavender oil, harvested fresh from the high alpine fields of France.
VitruviDusk Essential Oil Blend$26.00A calming blend of organic essential oils inspired by night in the desert.Sold Out
VitruviPacific Essential Oil Blend$26.00This energizing blend of organic essential oils smells gorgeously beachy.Sold Out
VitruviGrove Essential Oil Blend$26.00A grounding mix of pine, spruce, fir, and cedarwood, this essential oil blend smells a bit like a misty hike through the woods.Sold Out
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