13 items in Xirena
XirenaPaloma Panties$62.00So comfy you could practically sleep in them.
XirenaGisele Bra$97.00Unstructured in the best way (and supportive, too).
XirenaJogger Pants$175.00These slouchy low-slung sweats are perfect for lounging, yet cool enough to sport around town.
XirenaTabitha Tank Top$87.00This borrowed-from-your-boyfriend tank is all California cool.
XirenaAndie Panties$60.00Partly stretchy with subtle shine, these panties were made for boogying.
XirenaRocki Bra$92.00Stretchy, sheeny, and subtly sexy.
XirenaJordyn Pants$150.00Blessedly comfy, these French-blue bottoms were made for lounging.
XirenaAtlas Henley$193.00Ruffles and ruching make this classic Henley so much prettier.
XirenaXander Pants$175.00The ultimate pajama-slash-lounge pant.
XirenaShaya Shorts$60.00Made for sleeping, these comfy cotton shorts are done in a dreamy ballet-pink.
XirenaEaston Shirt$170.00A cuddly pajama top done in the sweetest shade of ballet pink.
XirenaTommy Sweater$271.00Found: a borrowed-from-the-boys collegiate-knit
XirenaTara Thong$60.00
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