LA-made swimwear line Xirena was founded by Dierdre Roffoni, whose free-spirited vibe was informed by the designer’s frequent travels to Formentera, a hippie enclave with gorgeous beaches found in Spain’s Balearic islands. The line offers eye-catching alternatives to the usual solid swimsuit, like our fave, a color-blocked bikini reminiscent of those famous Mondrian paintings.
11 items in Xirena
XirenaLeighton Leopard Printed Gauze Dress$335.00The muted leopard print is particularly chic.
XirenaRegan Desert Trip Vintage Jersey Tee$130.00Like vintage, but better.
XirenaRex Cotton Twill Pants$221.00An edgier riff on a traditional track pant.
XirenaJames Desert Trip Fleece Top$184.00Perfectly faded for a vintage look.
XirenaTaylor Desert Trip Fleece Pants$205.00The lounge-y solution to lazy afternoons at home.
XirenaInés Bed Of Roses Set$176.00Matchy, matchy—in the best possible way.
XirenaAvalon Chelsea Gauze Dress$281.00So chic you’ll want to wear it straight off the beach.
XirenaChanning Poplin Shirt$189.00The kind of keep-forever classic shirt you don’t have to think twice about.
XirenaDraper Poplin Pants$184.00These versatile poplin pants are as lounge-y as they look.
XirenaTais Bikini Top$122.00Proof positive that mixing prints is unexpectedly chic.
XirenaBrinkley Bikini Bottom$70.00Nails the mixed-prints look.
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