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Ampersand As Apostrophe

Ampersand As Apostrophe

Detroit native, Seattle-based designer Jessica Park studied interior design at architecture school, then went on to apply her form-meets-function knowhow to a brilliant line of luxe leather bags; her first collection of sleek envelope clutches was crafted using repurposed 100-year-old English mailbags (a limited-edition run, naturally). This purposeful, rustic-meets-modern aesthetic is apparent in every design—especially her roomy, versatile totes. Supple yet structured, they’re ideal for transporting the necessities (and then some).
2 items in Ampersand As Apostrophe
Ampersand As ApostropheSideways Leather ToteUS $680.00Vibrant and versatile.
Ampersand As ApostropheSideways ToteUS $594.00Blends right into whatever backdrop you pair it with—black cashmere coat, jeans and a tee, anything.
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