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Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart

A girls trip to West Texas inspired NYC-based designers Laura Cramer and Starr Hout to create Apiece Apart, a collection of elevated-yet-practical separates that could be packed into a single bag and work perfectly anywhere they went. The key: natural fabrics—cotton, silk—cut into easy, always figure-flattering silhouettes that fit beautifully, go with everything else in your wardrobe, and (naturally) travel well.
8 items in Apiece Apart
Apiece ApartDenim Liv Relaxed PantsUS $315.00US $126.00Just as sexy as they are slouchy.
Apiece ApartCarmen Corduroy OverallsUS $395.00US $158.00Layer them over a cozy sweater when temps start to dip.
Apiece ApartNiels Simple Button Up TopUS $385.00US $154.00We love it layered over tees and tanks.
Apiece ApartKoen Flight SuitUS $445.00US $178.00Equal parts practical and pretty.
Apiece ApartDenim Marston PantsUS $315.00US $126.00Subtly flared and sun-bleached à la ’70s-era Jane Birkin.
Apiece ApartDenim Runner ShortsUS $255.00US $102.00Choose your own adventure with the removable waist sash.
Apiece ApartNina Striped HenleyUS $295.00US $118.00A color-happy twist on a traditional henley shirt.
Apiece ApartOssetia Tiers DressUS $295.00US $118.00A gauzy hammam towel in dress form.
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