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This brilliant, frizz-discouraging towel dries hair faster, with fewer flyaways—and it looks cooly chic doing it. Founder Britta Cox was looking for a shortcut for long, damaging blow-dries; the solution, a series of lightweight, super-absorbent hair towels, is life-changing: Less frizz, less snagging, more time for everything else. We keep a stack in the bathroom by the shower.
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AquisLisse Luxe Hair TowelUS $30.00Fights frizz: This super absorbent, ultragentle towel dries your hair faster and helps prevent frizz.
AquisLisse Luxe Hair TurbanUS $30.00Fights frizz: A miraculous frizz-fighting, super absorbent hair turban that dries hair in record time.
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