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Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon was working as a Hollywood publicist when she decided to change gears and launch an eponymous jewelry line out of her Santa Monica apartment. To this day, all of her jewelry is still handmade in LA, which is primarily a mix of beautifully minimalist 14k gold jewelry detailed with diamonds and semi-precious stones. AGJ consists of highly personal pieces designed to be worn together and collected over time.
18 items in Ariel Gordon
Ariel GordonPavé Roman Holiday Bracelet$6,500.00Layer it over a long-sleeve knit, or simply a good (faux) tan.
Ariel GordonDiamond Bezel Tennis Bracelet$3,396.00Bezeled with 88 dainty diamonds.
Ariel Gordon x goopDiamond Axis Wrap Chain$675.00The best part: The diamond-embellished closure.
Ariel GordonDiamond Tennis Bracelet$3,250.00A classic refreshed with fifty stones.
Ariel GordonDynasty Diamond Necklace$10,950.00Made with 324 diamonds.
Ariel GordonBaguette Diamond Ring$1,695.00The sleekest quintet of stones.
Ariel GordonPavé Fat Tire Ring$2,595.00Elegant with a ‘70s-style edge.
Ariel GordonMarquis Diamond Ring$1,195.00An heirloom in the making.
Ariel GordonDiamond Axis Studs$575.00A sleek option for everyday.
Ariel GordonChampagne Necklace$1,945.00Because who doesn’t love a necklace dripping in dainty diamonds.
Ariel GordonName It Stud$365.00Customize this 14-karat gold stud with up to six letters—it makes for a stunning gift.
Ariel GordonPavé Spring Ring$1,750.00Stunning, incredibly modern, and just so cool—you'll never want to take it off.
Ariel GordonPavé Diamond Huggies$695.00Subtle sparkle.
Ariel GordonRuby Pavé Huggies$630.00Subtle sparkle.
Ariel GordonDiamond Dust Hoops$265.00Sized like a stud, but shaped like a tiny hoop.Bestseller
Ariel GordonHeart Necklace$350.00Simple and to the point.
Ariel GordonSilhouette Heart Ring$180.00Your heart, wrapped around her finger.
Ariel GordonAlphabet Charm Necklace$350.00Perfect for the everyday.
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