Atlantique Ascoli

Inspired by legendary women like Martha Graham and Charlotte Perriand, Parisian designer Atlantique Ascoli has a knack for reinterpreting Victorian-era design—shirred collars and subtle, volume-enhancing pleats are her calling cards—into incredibly flattering cotton and linen shirting. In keeping with her pared-down design philosophy, we collaborated on a goop-shop exclusive capsule collection of six perfect summer pieces.
8 items in Atlantique Ascoli
Atlantique Ascoli x goopRhapsodie Blouse$672.00$403.00In blush-pink, this crisp cotton-and-linen blouse is truly timeless (and seasonless).
Atlantique Ascoli x goopRhapsodie Dress$857.00$514.00A sleek black babydoll dress done in crisp, lightweight, summer-perfect linen and cotton.
Atlantique Ascoli x goopMini Enfant Top$538.00$323.00A ruffled collar and structural pleat make this Victorian blouse look definitively modern.
Atlantique AscoliRobe Petite Anémone$1,199.00$719.00The perfect little black dress, reimagined by Atlantique Ascoli.
Atlantique AscoliRobe Romane$942.00$565.00Atlantique Ascoli’s interpretation of the perfect, seasonless shirtdress.
Atlantique AscoliPetite Anémone Blouse$702.00$421.00As far as sleeveless tops go, this one is as elegant as it gets.
Atlantique AscoliFlorentine Blouse$685.00$411.00In Prussian-blue, this voluminous blouse is a dramatic alternative to the ubiquitous work shirt.
Atlantique AscoliRomane Blouse$771.00$463.00A menswear-inspired workshirt meets the femininity of a Victorian blouse.
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