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Balmyard Beauty

Balmyard Beauty

Casting director Larissa Gunn’s deep love for and interest in the healing traditions of Jamaica inspired her to create a line of utterly original products, including a perfect lip-and-cheek balm, the sexiest scented oil, and a pair of Bush Baths—botanical bath teas based on baths created by indigenous healers on the island. And the packaging has to be some of the coolest and prettiest we have ever seen.
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Balmyard BeautyBaby Love Balm Trinity US $76.00The goop-favorite sexy, just-bitten lip and cheek color comes in three flattering-on-everyone tints.
Balmyard BeautyOil Duo US $150.00It’s the balm.
Balmyard BeautyParadise Bronzing OilUS $100.00Smooth on this luminizing body oil to look—and feel—as if you’ve just blown in from a tropical vacation.
Balmyard BeautySiren Luster Hair OilUS $64.00FOR DRY HAIR/ENDS: A rich blend of four tropical oils that leaves you with super-soft, shiny hair.
Balmyard BeautyMoonlight Lover Facial OilUS $95.00Made from a potent blend of botanicals, this golden oil is a seriously nourishing overnight treatment.
Balmyard BeautyRomantic Call Body OilUS $82.00One of the prettiest scents ever, this is amazing as body oil but also as an incredible perfume.
Balmyard BeautyBaby Love Balm Lip + Cheek TintUS $32.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: This moisturizing lip stain gets its gorgeous pigment from Caribbean hibiscus.
Cherry Oh
Candy Girl
Black Roses
Balmyard BeautyBeauty Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a “bush bath” this bath-tea soak is made with skin-boosting Caribbean botanicals for ultimate glow.Sold Out
Balmyard BeautyDetox Bush Bath - 6 PackUS $44.00Based on the Jamaican tradition of a detoxifying “bush bath”, this bath-tea soak purifies skin, body, and spirit.Sold Out
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