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11 items in Baserange
BaserangeMichael Tee Cotton-Silk BodysuitUS $170.00It’s a brilliant hybrid of two things we can’t get enough of: soft tees and sexy bodysuits.
BaserangeAid Seamless BraUS $85.00A supremely soft, seamless bra made from bamboo. That is all.
BaserangeAid Seamless PantsUS $70.00A holds-you-in high rise, underneath all of your dresses and high-waisted skirts.
BaserangeAid Seamless Long-SleeveUS $150.00A body-skimming base layer you’ll wear underneath everything (sharp blazers, leather jackets, chunky sweaters…).
BaserangeOtay Honday Jumpsuit Voile SilkUS $495.00A light-as-air jumpsuit to keep you cool at home or out and about.
BaserangeMississippi BraUS $62.00Sleek under sheer tops, soft and subtle under everything else.
BaserangeSoft Bamboo BraUS $62.00The balconette cut compliments the body’s natural silhouette.
BaserangeElastic Bell Pants BambooUS $35.00Soft, simple, with full coverage in the back.
BaserangeKai Sweater Cotton RibUS $260.00The cream turtleneck, reconsidered.
BaserangeMaru Pants Cotton RibUS $240.00The ribbed texture makes them extra flattering.
BaserangeBell PantsUS $35.00There’s clean underwear, and then there’s sustainable underwear.
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