Bolé Road

8 items in Bolé Road
Bolé RoadAfar Pillow$145.00Inspired by the blue skies from the Afar region.
Bolé RoadBale Pillow$145.00Beautifully handwoven in Ethiopia.
Bolé RoadSelam Pillow$135.00Adds subtle dimension to any design scheme.Sold Out
Bolé RoadMelkam Pillow$135.00The beauty is in its simplicity.Sold Out
Bolé RoadDessie Pillow$135.00Handspun from luxurious Ethiopian cotton.Sold Out
Bolé RoadMamoosh Blanket$99.00Bonus points: it’s reversible.Sold Out
Bolé RoadMamoosh Blanket$99.00We’re particularly into the dusty rose hue.Sold Out
Bolé RoadAbren Pillow$145.00An elegant accent to any design scheme.
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