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Bondeye Jewelry

Bondeye Jewelry

17 items in Bondeye Jewelry
Bondeye JewelryWave Diamond Eternity BandUS $895.00An ethereal riff on an eternity band.
Bondeye JewelryBia White Topaz Spiral RingUS $995.00The white topaz stones have a mythological twist.
Bondeye JewelryJosie Yellow-Gold Signet RingUS $825.00Note the choose-your-own-adventure centerpiece.
Bondeye JewelryWave BraceletUS $2,250.00Catching waves.
Bondeye JewelryCalypso White Topaz Star Stud EarringsUS $2,495.00A starry nod to the sea nymph, Calypso, daughter of Atlas.
Bondeye JewelryAstraea White Topaz Star Pendant NecklaceUS $2,195.00Opulent and occasion-spanning.
Bondeye JewelryDroplet White Sapphire BraceletUS $1,150.00Decidedly unique thanks to the eleven dangly white sapphires.
Bondeye JewelryTrois White Topaz EarringsUS $675.00Feeling bold? Wear these mismatched earrings in multiple piercings on the same lobe.
Bondeye JewelryMichelle 14K Yellow-Gold Opal NecklaceUS $1,300.00Diamonds on the inside, opal on the outside.
Bondeye JewelryAphrodite 14K Yellow-Gold Chalcedony EarringsUS $1,295.00Those chalcedony crystals have an otherworldly allure to them.
Bondeye JewelryHera Diamond RingUS $1,450.00Pays homage to Hera—wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, family, and childbirth (Mother’s Day present, anyone?).
Bondeye JewelryMarkle 14K Yellow-Gold Howlite RingUS $1,100.00This semiprecious stone has a mystical side, said to support personal expression.
Bondeye JewelryUrsa EarringsUS $195.00Working with multiple holes? These stellar studs mix and match quite nicely.
Bondeye JewelryBurst 14K Yellow-Gold NecklaceUS $320.00This exquisite gold strand plays nicely with similarly dainty necklaces.
Bondeye JewelryVenus 14K Yellow-Gold EarringsUS $1,995.00They’re named after the goddess of beauty and love…just saying.
Bondeye JewelryIngrid Yellow-Gold Signet RingUS $1,600.00Mother’s Day? Graduation? Anniversary? This customizable signet ring is pretty perfect for them all. Exclusive
Bondeye JewelryIsabella Yellow-Gold Signet RingUS $2,140.00Totally customizable and intended to be passed between generations, from mother to daughter, sister to sister, anything goes….Exclusive
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