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For introducing the South of France into your home without leaving the couch, there’s Caravan: Everything from glassware to linen kitchen towels is infused with the rustic charm of Provence. All products are sourced from around the world, including handcrafted and vintage items, to bring Old World elegance and authenticity to any space.
10 items in Caravan
Caravan Marble Small BowlUS $75.00Salt dish, snack display, jewelry catchall…
Caravan Café Glasses, Set of 6US $38.00Pretty, petite, and so quintessentially French.
Caravan Bistro Glasses, Set of 6US $68.00A touch of Paris stashed in your kitchen cabinets.
Caravan Linen Stitch Chambray Denim Napkins, Set of 4US $80.00US $48.00Handmade from a 100-percent fine linen.
Caravan Linen Stitch Chambray Stripe Napkins, Set of 4US $80.00Stonewashed to give them an extra-soft feel.
Caravan Linen Stitch Indigo Napkins, Set of 4US $80.00We’re especially into the rich, deep-indigo hue.
Caravan Marble Key BowlUS $112.00A functional object d’art.Sold Out
Caravan Marble Petite Round TrayUS $50.00There are a thousand ways to use it.Sold Out
Caravan Marble Grande Round TrayUS $80.00This sleek marble tray does it allSold Out
Caravan Tea CaddyUS $45.00Perfect for picnics, patios and everything in between.Sold Out
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