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Chalait Tea

Chalait Tea

The now-cemented friendship between goop and Chalait first started when we commissioned them to make their signature (and delicious) almond matcha lattes — a GP favorite — for the #goop pop in New York City’s Columbus Circle. They’re sort of pioneers in the matcha space, opening one of the first cafes in the city to serve such a matcha-heavy menu, and their own-branded tea sets the standard for smooth-tasting, antioxidant-rich matcha whether you buy it in the shop or make it at home yourself.
2 items in Chalait Tea
Chalait TeaTop-Grade Matcha TeaUS $46.00You get the equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea in one matcha latte.
Chalait TeaBamboo WhiskUS $16.00This makes homemade matcha incredibly easy (and clump-free).Sold Out
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