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Launched by Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion in the ’50s, Chloé skipped the formality of haute couture in favor of going straight to off-the-rack ready-to wear, a new concept at the time. Perennially feminine (a hallmark the brand has never deviated from), the brand became big under the watchful eye of Karl Lagerfeld in the ’60s and ’70s.
8 items in Chloé
ChloéSmocked Silk TunicUS $1,850.00US $740.00Draped in layers of anthracite-blue silk, this top is pretty over skirts, jeans...just about anything.
ChloéChestnut Aby Lock BagUS $1,690.00Keep your things under lock and (dangling) key.
ChloéAby Chain Crossbody BagUS $2,350.00Croc ’n’ roll.
ChloéAby Lock BagUS $1,690.00You’ll love the lightest-blue, lizard-embossed leather.
ChloéLace-up Heeled BootiesUS $1,340.00When the going gets tough, the tough get Chloé.
ChloéWrap SkirtUS $1,595.00US $638.00Haphazard ‘90s-esque layering at its finest.
ChloéWindowpane SkirtUS $1,995.00US $798.00Chloé gets in on the grunge trend.
ChloéWindowpane ShirtUS $1,495.00US $598.00Check yourself.
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