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The beachy-dreamy vibe at this brand’s original LA nail salon—there’s now a chic second one in New York, as relaxingly beach-house-esque as the first—is a prelude to their amazing, long-lasting, super-shiny, non-toxic nail polishes. The impeccably-curated color palette is spot-on, and even the bottles reflect the chicly serene aesthetic.
7 items in Cote
CoteTraveler Gift SetUS $38.00EVERYTHING YOU NEED: For an instant (clean) manicure or pedicure anywhere.
CoteNail Polish (No. 7)US $18.00A barely there, delicate light pink/cream.
CoteNail Polish (No. 36)US $18.00SEXY RED: A gorgeous, deep berry red.
CoteTakeoff Towel US $14.00PORTABLE REMOVER: These individually-packaged, super-effective, orange-scented polish remover pads are brilliant.
CoteResurface and Repair Base CoatUS $21.00BASECOAT: This revitalizing nail elixir is infused with lavender, ginseng root extract, and calcium fluoride to promote healthy nails.
CoteTakeOff Polish RemoverUS $18.00FOR CLEAN NAILS: This rose-scented polish remover is both clean and super-effective.
Cote x goopNail Polish (G10)US $18.00THE GOOP/COTE PINK: goop collaborated with Cote to create this exclusive, perfect, pale-neutral, wear-it-everyday pink polish.Sold Out
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