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A nod to the ’60s and a wink to the future. A Parisian atelier with roots in Australia. Former fashion editor, Kym Ellery, through her eponymous label, finds a singular beauty in somewhat unexpected forces. So what follows suit? Impeccably made separates that are more fitting for the MoMA than the runway. Whether a billowy parachute sleeve, a pair of architectural flares, or an off-kilter, sculptural hemline, Ellery’s dramatic twists and turns that’ll keep you coming back for more.
8 items in Ellery
ElleryBernardo Sleeveless TopUS $580.00US $232.00Equal parts pretty and punk thanks to all those edgy straps.
ElleryHomework A-Line Yolk SkirtUS $820.00US $328.00Let’s just say it’s flattering on practically all figures.
ElleryVoyage Scoop Neck Peplum DressUS $990.00US $396.00Tailored sexy business up top, architectural peplum party below.
ElleryCassandra Stirrup Carrot PantsUS $750.00US $300.00They take cues from classic equestrian pants.
ElleryDeliberate Distance Cone DressUS $690.00US $276.00The sculptural sleeves add a wink of whimsy.
ElleryMeuron Cigarette Pant with ButtonsUS $795.00US $318.00Note the teeny trio of gold buttons embellishing both cuffs.
EllerySuite One Bias High-Slit SkirtUS $750.00US $300.00Just as sexy as it is sophisticated.
ElleryDumont Turtleneck Corset DressUS $1,395.00US $558.00Bright booties keeps everything upbeat.
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