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Eve Denim

Eve Denim

A nod to the Francoise Hardys and Jane Birkins of the ’70s, Eve Denim launched in 2015 with a perfect mix of wear-everyday jeans, jackets, and skirts—plus, investment pieces with a vintage vibe. Named after the French-born/American-based designer Adelaide Bourbon’s older sister (whose jean drawer she lived to raid), Eve Denim draws in denim-enthusiasts every season with a patchwork of well-curated staples: Casual culottes, high-rise flares, raw denim overalls, and cool textured corduroys. More reason to love them? Each piece is made right here in the USA.
4 items in Eve Denim
Eve DenimJane JeansUS $295.00US $89.00Cut long and lean (read: legs for days).
Eve DenimCharlotte Culotte JeansUS $295.00US $89.00Why choose between denim and trousers when you can have both?
Eve DenimJane Slim JeansUS $310.00US $93.00Vintage-looking and no less versatile.
Eve DenimSilver Bullet JeansUS $295.00US $89.00Don’t let the slim profile fool you, this cigarette style has a fantastic fit.
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