Fleur du Mal

Taking clothes off should be at least as much fun as putting them on. That's the idea behind Fleur Du Mal—a lingerie and lingerie-inspired clothing company launched by Victoria's Secret veteran designer Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012. Her love of decadent materials and appreciation of the female form are at the core of each ultra-feminine, romantic piece.
5 items in Fleur du Mal
Fleur du MalKilian PJ Set$425.00Subtly sexy.
Fleur du MalLace Bodysuit$375.00All the sex-appeal in the world.
Fleur du MalKilian Triangle Bra$168.00Perfect under anything sleeveless.
Fleur du MalKilian Lace Cheeky$78.00A sexy surprise under any night-out look.
Fleur du MalLace Kimono$595.00Taking inspiration from a traditional kimono, but made extra sexy.
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