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15 items in Foundrae
FoundraeLarge Crest Gemstone Heart NecklaceUS $9,595.00A talisman you’ll never want to take off.
FoundraeWholeness Medallion and Gemstone Heart NecklaceUS $8,600.00Two talismans is better than one.
FoundraeSealed Gemstone Heart RingUS $2,850.00Ring it in.
FoundraeClosed Extended Clip ChainUS $6,795.00The building blocks of your future Foundrae collection.
FoundraeSmall Crest Gemstone Heart PendantUS $1,950.00Connects to any Foundrae chain—so you can build your collection over time.
FoundraeSmall Crest Gemstone Heart NecklaceUS $5,450.00The heart symbolizes the seven types of love as defined by the ancient Greeks.
FoundraeSquare Gemstone Heart EarringsUS $1,795.00Lend an ear.
FoundraeSquare Gemstone Heart PendantUS $1,500.00How classic is that cushion-cut quartz?
FoundraeLarge Crest Gemstone Heart PendantUS $2,800.00Take heart.
FoundraePyramid Oval Annex LinkUS $395.00Link up.
FoundraeSmooth Oval Annex LinkUS $395.00Strong connection.
FoundraeHandblown ShakerUS $1,100.00Shake it till you make it.Sold Out
FoundraeHandblown Carafe US $1,320.00Up your bar-cart game.
Champagne Citrine
Blue Topaz
Clear Quartz
Fire Garnet
Green Prasiolite
Smokey Topaz
FoundraeHandblown Solar TumblerUS $770.00Animal attraction.Sold Out
FoundraeHandblown Lunar TumblerUS $770.00Animal attraction.Sold Out
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