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FS ObjectsCrown 2 Bottle Opener$85.00A handmade, solid-brass bottle opener with a streamlined geometric design.
FS ObjectsTall Cone Spindle Candle Holder$105.00A chic objet d’art.
FS ObjectsMedium Cone Spindle Candle Holder$100.00A glamorous addition to any tablescape.
FS ObjectsTall Dome Spindle Candle Holder$105.00An elegant accent to any tablescape.
FS ObjectsMedium Dome Spindle Candle Holder$100.00Double up, or mix and match with varying heights.
FS ObjectsLarge Standing Bowl$110.00Use it as an unexpected display for fruits and veggies.
FS ObjectsStone Candle Holder, Set of 3$144.00Note the durable leather bottoms, so you can place them anywhere, scratch-free.
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