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Growing up in New Orleans, childhood friends Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen were fascinated with Mardi Gras, the spiritual world, and the crystal-infused elixirs that Shoen’s father always had around the house. After Leslie had a prophetic dream, the two figured out the ideal way to infuse water with the power of crystals: Instead of leaving the stones free floating in the water (which could inadvertently damage them), they designed a sleek glass bottle with a permanent crystal in the bottom— a permanent (and gorgeous) crystal infusion that cuts down on plastic waste, too.
5 items in Glacce
GlacceAmethyst Crystal-Infused Water BottleUS $84.00An intuition-spiked water bottle.
GlacceRose Quartz Crystal-Infused Water BottleUS $80.00Cheers to your heart chakra.Sold Out
GlacceClear Quartz Crystal-Infused Water BottleUS $80.00Drinking good vibes.Sold Out
GlacceSmoky Quartz Crystal-Infused Water BottleUS $80.00Bad vibes be gone.Sold Out
GlacceRose Quartz Crystal StrawUS $68.00Help eliminate plastic waste with this polished-steel-and-rose-crystal straw.Sold Out
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