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goop Body

At goop we believe the skin on our bodies is just as important as the skin on our faces—and should be treated with the same amount of care. The skin on our bodies makes up 95% of our surface area, so it’s critical to nurture and protect it against environmental aggressors like pollution, toxins, and stress. We’ve created this collection of body essentials to detoxify, soften skin, and elevate the senses—every day.
10 items in goop Body
goop BodyG.Tox Daily Detox DuoUS$50.00US$45.00Our professional-grade dry brush + creamy glacial-marine-clay body wash combine for a serious, sense-enlivening detox for every day.
goop BodyG.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub ShampooUS$42.00This unique whipped shampoo purifies and detoxifies all at once.Sold Out
goop BodyG.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body ScrubUS$40.00Leaves behind a velvety-smooth feel and a subtle, beautiful scent.
goop BodyG.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body CleanserUS$30.00Made with a hand-harvested glacial marine clay that’s full of essential minerals.
goop BodyG.Tox Ultimate Dry BrushUS$20.00Sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal glowing and smooth skin.
goop Body"The Martini" Emotional Detox Bath SoakUS$35.00Takes the edge off during turbulent times, or after a crazy day.
goop BodyG.Nite Bedtime Bath SoakUS$35.00The answer to restless, sleepless nights.
goop BodyNURSE! Under the Weather Bath SoakUS$35.00Fights off misery when you’re under the weather.
goop BodyG.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath SoakUS$35.00Cleanses the body after the stresses of daily life.
goop BodyPHYS.ED. Recovery Bath SoakUS$35.00Helps you rebound more easily after a tough workout.
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