goop Wellness

Game-changing health protocols developed with four first-in-class doctors (plus the requisite #swag).
12 items in goop Wellness
goop WellnessHigh School Genes$90.00"My body isn’t responding to diet and exercise the way it used to."
goop WellnessWhy Am I So Effing Tired?$90.00"No matter how much sleep I get, I still feel exhausted."
goop WellnessBalls in the Air$90.00"I’m running full-steam ahead—and have no intention of slowing down."
goop WellnessThe Mother Load$90.00"Motherhood is amazing, but pregnancy is taxing, in every sense of the word—I’m wiped out, and worry that I’ll never recover."
goop WellnessThe Mother Load Tee$60.00The softest mother lovin’ tee ever.
goop WellnessHigh School Genes Tee$60.00Actual high school jeans optional.Sold Out
goop WellnessBalls in the Air Tee$60.00Ballers need swag.
goop WellnessWhy Am I So Effing Tired? Tee$60.00So effing soft.
goop WellnessThe Mother Load Key Tag$15.00For the keys to baby-proofed sedans slash carpool seven-seaters.
goop WellnessBalls in the Air Key Tag$15.00Do you know where your balls are?
goop WellnessHigh School Genes Key Tag$15.00An accessory that never gets old.
goop WellnessWhy Am I So Effing Tired? Key Tag$15.00When your key ring needs a refresh, too.Sold Out
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