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goop x CB2

goop x CB2

CB2 has a contemporary approach to making eclectic pieces harmonize within a room. With their support, we designed a collection that (we believe) meets the needs of modern families. The result: uniquely layered furniture and décor made with love and an almost obsessive attention to detail.
26 items in goop x CB2
goop x CB2Chelsea Cereal BowlUS $16.95The birds-and-butterflies pattern was inspired by a French take on traditional Chinese motifs.
goop x CB2Primrose Hill 5-Piece Flatware SetUS $39.95Inspired by the finest hotel silverware.
goop x CB2Belsize Park Linen RunnerUS $99.95So pretty you’ll want to keep it out between dinner parties.
goop x CB2Belsize Park Linen PlacematUS $19.95Even better than vintage.
goop x CB2Belsize Park Butterfly NapkinUS $17.95The finishing touch to any table setting.
goop x CB2Wilton Double Old-Fashioned GlassUS $9.95Designed to stand on its own or to slip right over the Bedside pitcher.
goop x CB2Oro Champagne Gold BoxUS $69.95Use it as a jewelry box, or to stash anything special.
goop x CB2Firewood ToteUS $499.00En fuego.
goop x CB2Chelsea Dinner PlateUS $19.95Dinner is served.Sold Out
goop x CB2Chelsea Salad PlateUS $16.95Note the pretty silver rim.Sold Out
goop x CB2Chelsea Soup BowlUS $16.95The chinoiserie decals were meticulously hand-applied.Sold Out
goop x CB2Chelsea Coffee MugUS $14.95Does both afternoon tea and morning coffee equally well.Sold Out
goop x CB2Belsize Park Bird NapkinUS $17.95Those pretty eyelet edges? They’re hand-stitched.Sold Out
goop x CB2Wilton Large Glass BowlUS $19.95Hand-blown to perfection.Sold Out
goop x CB2Wilton Small Glass BowlUS $9.95For salads, sides, even displaying your crystal collection.Sold Out
goop x CB2Bedside Glass PitcherUS $24.95What your nightstand has been missing.Sold Out
goop x CB2Wilton Water GlassUS $9.95Tall enough so that you won’t have to get up for constant refills.Sold Out
goop x CB2Tinto Red WineUS $15.95Inspired by traditional European hand-blown glass.Sold Out
goop x CB2Blanco White WineUS $15.95“European hand-blown glass is generally quite expensive. In this case, you’re not compromising quality while getting incredible value.” —GPSold Out
goop x CB2Curve Ball Match StrikerUS $49.95A fire hostess gift.Sold Out
goop x CB2Sedona Small Zafu PillowUS $49.00Sit still.Sold Out
goop x CB2Sedona Large Zabuton Floor PillowUS $230.00Note the handle for easy carrying.Sold Out
goop x CB2Stoking SetUS $399.00“It’s tricky to find functional fire accoutrements that are also beautiful, so we designed our stoking set in brass, for a pretty, contemporary look."—GPSold Out
goop x CB2Firewood ToteUS $499.00“What’s really cool is that the big leather tote can be taken out of its holder, carried out to the wood pile, filled up, and brought back inside full of logs for storage.” —GPSold Out
goop x CB2Basket Case SmallUS $249.00The leather-wrapped handles make it easy to tote from room to room.Sold Out
goop x CB2Basket Case LargeUS $299.00For stashing magazines, toys, throw pillows...Sold Out
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