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goop x Covetton House

goop x Covetton House

The manifestation of Covetton House founder & CEO Stephen Colbert and goop founder & CEO Gwyneth Paltrow’s divine purpose on earth, this three-piece limited edition collection came to the duo during their weekly sacral-chakra steaming session. A study in subtle maximalism and real-world mysticism, it's intended for novice shamans, or really anyone with $$$ to spare. 52% of the purchase price (that's 100% of the proceeds) from the goop x Covetton House capsule collection will go to
3 items in goop x Covetton House
goop x Covetton HouseSet of 5 Dream TwigsUS$22.00Made only from self-actualized wood that volunteered to become pencils.
goop x Covetton HouseSusie's Seashore Chakra Sea ShellUS$495.00“Like nature, but better”Sold Out
goop x Covetton HouseSoftbound Reincarnated ForestUS$88.00Use it to turn your deepest desires into words and your deepest words into lists or even paragraphs.
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