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goop x La DoubleJ

goop x La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ pieces are so beautiful, so celebratory that we didn’t just want to wear them—we wanted to help make them. Which is how we arrived at the exclusive goop x La DoubleJ capsule collection. We played with classic La DoubleJ prints, put them on the most exquisite cuts, and landed on seven gorgeous styles.
7 items in goop x La DoubleJ
goop x La DoubleJBoy Silk ShirtUS $495.00This shirt, tucked into the matching shorts, per vacanza. Exclusive
goop x La DoubleJMidi Visconti Crepe de Chine DressUS $1,190.00The chic, high neckline is complemented by that nipped-in waist (so flattering).Exclusive
goop x La DoubleJSmall Mama TopUS $485.00If you think it’s pretty in front, wait till you see it from the back.Exclusive
goop x La DoubleJPellicano Dinner DressUS $1,130.00The swinging ’60s, in dress form.Exclusive
goop x La DoubleJBoxer Silk ShortsUS $265.00The supple silk is luxurious, and the Italian majolica tile print is beyond pretty. Sold OutExclusive
goop x La DoubleJBig Poplin SkirtUS $585.00That summer-weight poplin floats off the body in the most beautiful way. Sold OutExclusive
goop x La DoubleJGetting My Croissant DressUS $690.00That mesmerizing mosaico motif gets us every time. Sold OutExclusive
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