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goop x Universal Standard

goop x Universal Standard

With our goop x Universal Standard collaboration, we set out to create a clean-lined, sophisticated capsule of five classic pieces that feel like they were made just for you—because they were.
5 items in goop x Universal Standard
goop x Universal StandardBrushed-Back JumpsuitUS $295.00“This black jumpsuit is fantastic. Quintessentially goop to the core, it’s wildly comfortable and gets the job done in the office, lets loose on the dance floor, all with a simple swap of heels.” —GP
goop x Universal StandardWool Cropped TrousersUS $225.00“Smart trousers to either complete the tuxedo combo or stand alone—both the shin-skimming cropped length and subtle high waist hit in just the right places.” —GP
goop x Universal StandardWool Tuxedo JacketUS $335.00“Quite simply a really chic, impeccably tailored smoking jacket.” —GP
goop x Universal StandardWool Peacoat JacketUS $395.00“With artful Japanese-inspired buttons, this snuggly wool peacoat is an irreverent twist on a classic.” —GP
goop x Universal StandardBrushed-Back Hi-Low DressUS $295.00“There’s something very Audrey Hepburn about this evening dress. Dressing up doesn’t get more elegant than this.” —GP
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