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Recognized for its clean lines and sophisticated shapes, Brazilian-based Haight takes minimalist swimwear to a whole new level. Haight’s calling cards also include luxurious Lycra fabrics, geometric prints, and cool, asymmetrical cuts. In short: the elegant maillots are unlike anything out there, and look right at home whether you’re by the pool or at the beach.
6 items in Haight
HaightTaping Triangle BikiniUS $199.00See those made-for-you adjustable straps? They’ve got your back.
HaightBand Roge MaillotUS $219.00A one-piece so chic it even moonlights as a bodysuit on dry land.
HaightCrepe Vintage MaillotUS $231.00A chic choice when the dress code calls for a little less skin.
HaightPaula DressUS $411.00There’s something very ‘90s about this strappy LBD.
HaightGiu MaillotUS $198.00US $79.00Fact: a chic black one-piece is the backbone of any swimsuit collection.
HaightSport BikiniUS $248.00US $99.00Bold move.
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