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Herban Essentials

We first launched Herban Essentials in GP’s flight pack and haven’t turned back since. These individually wrapped wipes are soaked in beautiful essential oil and smell incredible, cleanse and refresh like nothing else, and truly go anywhere—they are endlessly convenient.
3 items in Herban Essentials
Herban EssentialsEssential Oil Towelettes$16.00A medley of lavender, lemon, and peppermint cleansing cloths.
Herban EssentialsLavender Towelettes$16.00Brilliantly portable, these are infused with pure (and antibacterial) lavender oil.
Herban EssentialsEucalyptus Towelettes$16.00Revitalizing, eucalyptus-spiked cleansing towelettes bring freshness, everywhere.
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