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Perfumer Douglas Little began his (brilliant) career in the world of high-end conventional fragrances. His work evolved to focus on pure, natural essences, reflecting the origins of perfumery in alchemy, medicine, and spirituality. Little co-creates goop fragrances with GP; the two share a passion for scent. “We sit on the floor and geek out on fragrance,” says GP. “It’s an amazing process—he’s just so talented.” (goop 02: Shiso won Into the Gloss’ Top 25 Award.) In his own line, Heretic, Little explores the magic that pure fragrances have on the senses: “For me, nature is wild, provocative, sensual, spiritual and serene,” says Little. “I love natural perfume materials because of their wonderfully raw aspects: I want to smell traces of the plant's origin, elements of the soil, bits of the leaves and stems.” The resulting fragrances are unique, rare and utterly extraordinary.
15 items in Heretic
HereticThis Smells Like My Vagina CandleUS $75.00What does it smell like? Citrusy bergamot, geranium, and cedar juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed. Exclusive
HereticThis Smells Like My Vagina Roll-OnUS $45.00Before it was a (famous) candle, this sophisticated, sexy floral was born as a perfume; now it’s here in a chic, portable rollerball.
Heretic x goopThis Smells Like My Orgasm CandleUS $75.00A tart, tantalizing fragrance made with pink grapefruit, neroli, and ripe cassis berries.Exclusive
HereticSlightly Bitter CandleUS $75.00Pink grapefruit and neroli blossoms contrast beautifully with tomato leaf and cassis in this gorgeous, sophisticated new candle.
HereticDirty RoseUS $65.00The sexiest rose (plus citrus, pepper, and apricot) fragrance, ever.
HereticDirty FigUS $65.00Grapefruit, bergamot, and sweet geranium balance with black currant and ripe raspberry in this warm, intoxicating, ripened-fig fragrance.
HereticDirty LemonUS $65.00Lemon, pink and black pepper, sandalwood, and ylang ylang combine in a fragrance that’s sexy, sunny, and just a little bit dark.
HereticDirty NeroliUS $65.00Summery orange blossom absolute mixes with herbs for a sexy fragrance that’s part Portofino afternoon, part midnight garden.
HereticDirty Rose - 50 mlUS $165.00The sexiest rose fragrance, ever - now in a 50ml size.
HereticSmudgeUS $65.00A sexy, smoky, airy perfume inspired by ceremonial smudge sticks—pure magic.
Hereticgoop Exclusive 18k Rose Gold Fragrance FlaskUS $895.00Fill this rose-gold flask with a scent from Douglas Little’s collection of clean fragrances.Exclusive
HereticFlorgasmUS $165.00FLORAL PERFUME: Five flowers—orange blossom, French tuberose, grandiflorum jasmine, ylang-ylang, and linden.
HereticDirty MangoUS $65.00A tropical, sexy fragrance that combines ripe fruit with sandalwood and ambrette.
HereticJasmine SmokeUS $65.00A smokey, floral, wildly sexy fragrance for summer.Sold Out
HereticHoli WaterUS $65.00Balanced perfectly between fresh and complex, Kaffir lime and coriander mix with vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood in this sexy, bohemian perfume.Sold Out
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