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Photographer-turned-jewelry-designer Robert Keith launched the fine jewelry line as an ode to his family’s seafaring roots. Hoorsenbuhs, named after a Dutch merchant ship from the 16th-century, is known for its signature tri-link motifs, found on everything from chunky gold chains to diamond-encrusted rings, and meant to symbolize strength, quality, and opulence.
10 items in Hoorsenbuhs
HoorsenbuhsBrute Phantom Ring With DiamondsUS $9,500.00Single-handedly nails the stacked ring look.
HoorsenbuhsRevere RingUS $5,500.00Anchors away.
HoorsenbuhsQuad-Link Ring With DiamondsUS $6,500.00Symbolizes strength and opulence.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Necklace with Classic Tri-LinksUS $3,600.00Heavy metal.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link 18K Gold Necklace with LockUS $18,600.00Locked and loaded.
HoorsenbuhsID Tri-Link Sterling Silver BraceletUS $2,250.00An elevated spin on the traditional ID bracelet.
HoorsenbuhsFive Link Pavé BraceletUS $9,500.00Dressed-up with dainty diamonds.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Sterling Silver BraceletUS $850.00Found: the missing link.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Diamond Toggle BraceletUS $5,000.00Check out the teeny diamonds detailing the toggle.
HoorsenbuhsDame Tri-Link Ring with Diamond BridgesUS $1,100.00Each link is connected by a diamond-studded bridge to really boost the drama.
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